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ACE Hardware  U-DO Rental  Cart-A-Way Concrete

Dinuba Lumber has equipment rental, ready mixed concrete,
Ace hardware, and landscape supply center that is open 7 days a week.
Please browse our site or give us a call 559-591-4485.

Open 7 Days a Week  M-F 7-6  Sat. 8-5  Sun 8-4.
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We specialize in having all the products, building & landscape materials, rental tools, and
expert advice you need to make your project quick, easy, and low stress.
Whether you are an commercial contractor or a person with a broken toilet we can help you.
You can expect to be served quickly by a friendly face.
We are proud to be an Ace Store.
www.acehardware.com  click on Ace's "Projects and Solutions" for DIY or How To guide
Please accept my personal invitation to visit Dinuba Lumber.
                                                            Brooks Schaffer

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Dinuba Lumber Co. services the following communities:

London, Cutler, Orosi, Seville, Navelencia, Elderwood, Wahtoke, Orange Cove, Dinuba, Reedley, Delph Colony, Sultana, Yettem, Hume Lake, Sequoia National Park, Lake Sequoia, Wilsonia, Traver, Kingsburg, Parlier, Dunlap, Squaw Valley, Squaw Valley, Miramonte, Badger, Pinehurst, Clingons Junction, Minkler, Centerville, Sanger, Cedar Grove, San Joaquin Valley, Tulare County, Fresno County, and Kings County.

Dinuba Lumber is divided into the following categories:
  • U DO Equipment Rental    U DO Concrete      Lumber  Building supplies 
  • Landscape Materials         • Plumbing Supply    • Electrical Supply
  • Lawn and Garden             • Craftsman Tools    Fasteners
  • Ace Hardware                  Janitorial              • Paint and Decorating
  • Hardware
      Additional information about Dinuba lumber.

      Dinuba Lumber is an Ace Hardware store, rental equipment center, ready mix concrete manufacturer, landscape material supplier, building center, electrical supply, plumbing supply, janitorial supply, paint and decorating center.

      Dinuba Lumber is a lumber yard. We stock and deliver lumber, building materials, and fencing. Dinuba Lumber has vendors for just about any king of lumber imaginable. Woodworking lumber, exotic hardwood lumber, and baltic birch plywood we stock it all. Dinuba Lumber stocks building materials in addition to lumber. Dinuba Lumber stocks rebar, dobies, concrete reinforcement panels, and concrete products.

      Dinuba Lumber is concrete, ready mixed concrete batched to your specifications. U Do concrete at Dinuba Lumber has a 3 cubic yard ready mix concrete delivery truck. U Do concrete has 1 cubic yard concrete trailers that mix concrete as you drive. Our trailers deliver high quality concrete at your job. When you need concrete think of U Do concrete at Dinuba Lumber. We'll cement a relationship.

      Dinuba Lumber stocks landscaping materials in bulk or by the bag. Our landscaping supply stocks beautiful flagstone. Our landscaping supply has many kinds of decorative rock in bags. Landscaping is easy with Dinuba Lumber. We stock beautiful landscape materials and we deliver the landscape materials that make your house beautiful.

      Dinuba Lumber is committed to be the best Ace hardware store. Hardware is core to Dinuba Lumber. Dinuba lumber's Ace Hardware department is determined to have all the parts you need not just the popular parts. Dinuba lumber works diligently to keep in stock the parts you need. Ace hardware is our main supplier but, we have many more smaller vendors that keep us stocked up for you. Plumbing, electrical, nuts and bolts, lawn and garden, ag supply, paint, craftsman tools, are all important to being a complete Ace hardware store.

      Our U Do Rental rents hundreds of different rental items. We rent hard to find geiger counters, emf detectors, gold detectors, as well as, bobcats. Call us to rent tables and chairs. Dinuba lumber equipment rental rents concrete saws, pressure washers, and airless painters. In addition to the equipment we rent we also rent the specialty rental item accessories that go with that rental item. We also sell items like diamond blades that are disposable for use in our rental equipment. We are a complete equipment rental and a member of the ARA American Rental Association.

      Our paint department sells krylon paint, rustoleum paint, life paint, industrial paint, acrylic paint, oil based paint, hybrid paint, paint drying additions, mildicide paint additives, paint bonding additives, paint scrapers, paint brushes, paint rollers and masking tape.

      Our plumbing supply has the inventory to repair just about any kind of plumbing. We carry plumbing parts to repair copper, brass, stainless steel, galvanized steel, black steel, flexible tubing, abs, pvc, drip irrigation, and sprinklers. Dinuba lumber's plumbing supply has a very complete valve stem and brass fitting subsection. Dinuba lumber can help you with you plumbing emergency or your plumbing upgrade. Plumbing is more than just having the correct plumbing parts it's getting the correct plumbing advise. When you have plumbing parts that you need to connect we'll have the plumbing solution for you. Just bring in your plumbing parts problem and we'll create a plumbing solution for you. Dinuba Lumber is serious about plumbing.

      Dinuba Lumber's electrical supply has everything you need. Electrical boxes, electrical wire, electrical conduit, electrical circuit analyzers, electrician tools, and replacement light bulbs and tubes. Our electrical
      supply is very important to Dinuba Lumber. In addition to the construction electrical items we carry computer electrical items such as cat 5, hdmi, usb, and cord organizers. Our electrical supply carries a large selection of specialty solderless connectors and zipties. When you need expert advise about anything electrical come to dinuba lumber. Dinuba Lumber's electrical supply stocks and delivers 25' approved power poles.  

      Dinuba Lumber's Janitorial supply carries brooms, mops, cleaners, and scrub brushes. Our janitorial supply has floor finishes, neutral cleaners, strippers, buffable floor finishes, non buffable floor finishes, and everything else you would expect from a janitorial supply. Our janitorial supply has a variety of grits of cleaning screens, wire brushes, and cordless drill cleaning attachents. Our janitorial supply carries gojo products and industrial paper products.                                             

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