Dinuba Lumber

Soil Compaction Rental

U-DO Rental rents out jumping jacks, powder puffs, plate compactors, plate vibratory compactor, rammers, riding vibrator tamper, riding tandem vibrator rollers, trench tampers, sheep's foots attachment.

Uses: Installing asphalt properly, compact the soil in trenches so that the soul level does not shrink, compact the soil in the concrete forms so that concrete won't stress crack, and compact the soil to place landscaping material including artificial turf.

We deliver and pick up for one charge. Open 7 days a week.

We sell asphalt mix in sacks, flagstone, crushed rock, decomposed granite, sand, and pavers.
Excavator with Sheeps Foot Attachment                30" Riding Vibrator roller compactor
Rammer/Jumping Jack          Plate Compactor                         Water Lawn Roller
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