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You Deserve the 5% Back to you REWARDS Card.

 WHAT YOU GET:  Receive a 5% rebate for every Cash Purchase you make.
(Checks, ATM, any Credit Card, and green cash are included as cash purchases)
In store charge account purchases do not count towards Rewards.
Upon filling out the Rewards application at the counter get your COOL Keychain and Card with your individualized scan code on the back immediately.
The computer will track your purchases tp calculate your Reward.

HOW IT WORKS:  It’s Easy. . . .Really it is.

1. Fill out the Rewards Application at the counter.
2. Give application to a Cashier.
3. Immediately receive your unique Rewards Card and two Keychain cards.
4. Allow a day or two for your Rewards account to be activated.
5. Show either a Rewards card to a cashier or verbally identify yourself as a REWARDS member before they start your cash transaction.
6. The cashier will access your Rewards account so you will receive credit for the purchases you make.
7. Give a Rewards keychain to your spouse or employee to collect on their purchases.
8. Receive Rewards gift certificates in the mail approximately quarterly.
9. Redeem the Rewards gift certificates for merchandise.
10. Restrictions: total purchases under $100./quarter will not be eligible for gift certificates but, will be eligible for all other privileges.

Fine Print:
Gift certificates are not cash redeemable and have no cash value. Gift certificates must be used within their expiration date (90 days).
All personal information gathered will be kept in the strictest confidence and will not be released to any third party.
We believe and protect your right to privacy.

1. Do I have to show my card or keychain or identify myself as a REWARDS member to the cashier before she starts my transaction?   YES. This is how we keep track of your purchases and your rebate.
2. May I give a keychain or card to anyone of my choosing?  YES.
3. If I make company purchases on a company credit card will I receive gift certificate?  YES
4. Will I be eligible for drawings, Rewards specials, and coupons if I don’t meet the purchase minimums? As long as you make any purchase within a year you are eligible for all other Rewards privileges.

Still looking for a good reason to get our REWARDS card?
Check out this REWARDS card winner of a 60" plasma tv and stand.

Make sure to get your 5% REWARDS card rebate.
It's easy to sign up at the counter.
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