Dinuba Lumber

Pressure Washer Rental

U-DO Rental rents Pressure washers and Drain jetters.

Uses: Clear drain lines with self feeding drain jetters. Trailer drain jetter able to clear 16" diameter sewer line. Small self feeding electric drain jetter able to clear 4" sewer line. Trailer Jetter doubles as portable hot water pressure washer. Standard pressure washer make paint prep easy.

We sell jetter nozzles, pressure washer hoses, guns, adapters, repair parts, pressure washer cleaning solutions, de-greasers, drain cleaners, septic tank additives, primer, paint, sewer pipe and parts.
Trailer Jetter  & Hot water 23HP Washer         Gas Powered Pressure Washers
Gas Powered Pressure Washer          Electric Pressure Washer
4,000 PSI
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