Dinuba Lumber

Plumbing Tool Rental

U-DO Rental rents Drain augers, High Pressure Drain Jetters, Sewer cameras, Pipe locators, pipe threaders, horizontal pipe boring auger.
Uses: clear blocked sewer lines, Inspect sewer lines from inside underground pipe, Digitally locate underground obstructions using sonde
We sell drain augers, drain auger repair parts, jetter tips, drain acids, root killers, galvanized pipe from 1/8" to 4", abs sewer pipe and parts, every type of pipe part and repair. Extensive selection of specialty plumbing tool inventory.
Drain Snakes           Drain Augers            Sewer Camera w/sonde  Drain Cleaner- Pressure Washer
Rigid 512 HZ RF Sondes                                              Digital Pipe Locator
Plumbing Tools                            Hogs Head  2.5"-4" Galv Pipe threader   Manual & electric Pipe Threaders
Trailer 23HP Sewer Jetter/ Hot water                      Small drain Electric Jetter (kitchen sink)
pressure washer
              Pipe Detector Transmitter and Receiver Kit
                                      Horizontal Pipe Boring Auger
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