Lawn and Garden Rental Equipment

Tillers, Stump Grinders, sod cutters, high weed mowers, Tractors

U-DO Rental rents our tillers, sod cutters, chipper shredders, lawn comber, renovators, mantis tillers, lawn mowers, high weed mowers, landscape dozer attachment, skidsteers with grapple attachments, brush cutter attachments, stump grabber attachment, Echo chain saws, Echo pole saw, pole chainsaws, string trimmers, weed whackers, hedge trimmers, lawn core aerator, hydraulic stump grinders, tractors, tractors with mower, tractor with discs, tractor with scraper, horizontal pipe boring auger, and brush grabbing choker chain.

Uses: Till the ground prior to planting, till humus and soil amendments uniformly into the soil before you plant. Use the mantis tiller to pulverize dirt clods into fine loose soil, remove sod with the sod cutter, perforate the lawn to let air and nutrients into the root system of your grass, contour berms into landscaping with the landscape dozer attachment and a mini track loader, remove stubborn brush with the stump grabber, grapple, and a mini track loader. Use the brush mower to destroy high weeds, use the echo pole chainsaw to cut limbs from the ground, beautify shrubbery with the hedge trimmer. Do you have a huge weed problem? Use the tractor and a set of discs to take care of acreage. Small weed problems, use our Echo weed whackers to take care of unsightly unwanted plants. Destroy stubborn tree stumps with our hydraulic stump grinder, and use the stump grapple attachment and a skidsteer to grab and rip out a stump. Use the horizontal pipe boring rig to embed galvanized pipe under a concrete slab.

We sell big spools of the best string trimmer line, premixed 2 cycle gas, premium 2 cycle mix oil, chainsaw chains, Echo Chainsaws, cutoff saws, trimmers, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, picks, and axes.

We deliver and pick up for one charge. Open 7 days a week.
Bobcat T595 Skidsteer RotoTiller Attach                Mini Bobcat RotoTiller Attachment
Baretto Rear Tine Hydraulic Tillers
Maxim Front Tine 5.5 HP Tillers                          Mantis Tiller Cultivator
Lawn Mowers                                                  Renovator/Lawn Comber/Lawn Dethatcher
Ryan Sod Cutter                                               Brush Cutter/High Weed Mower
Bobcat T595 w/ Dozer Attachment            Bobcat T595 Skidsteer w/Grapple Attachment

Mini Bobcat Brush Mower Attachment     Mini Bobcat MT 55 w/ Stump Grabber Attachment
                                         ECHO Chainsaws & Pole Chainsaws
Weed Whackers & Hedge Trimmers     Core Aerator (perforates sod)
7" Bandit Wood Chipper         Baretto Hydraulic Track Stump Grinder 31HP
                                      Mahindra 5525 Tractor 55HP w/ discs (not shown BushHog 60" mower)
                                                      Horizontal Pipe Boring Auger
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