Dinuba Lumber

Hammer Breaker Rental

U-DO Rental rents our electric jackhammers, 2 cycle gas jackhammers, pneumatic jackhammers, bobcat breaker attachments, skidsteer breaker attachments, mini track loader breaker attachment, Rotohammers, and Hammerdrills.

Uses: Breaking concrete slabs, breaking and removing concrete curbs, broken concrete slabs, broken concrete sidewalks and driveways. The 2 cycle jack does not need an air compressor or generator, and can be used in remote areas. The skidsteer breakers are powerful and can break concrete 6" thick.

We sell 11/8" hex replacement jackhammer bits, Makinex Tile Smashers, SDS Max concrete bits, spline concrete bits, SDS+ concrete bits, SDS chisels, SDS+ rebar cutting concrete bits, hex chisel bits, hex wide chisel bits, and self-sharpening jackhammer bits.

We deliver and pick up for one charge. Open 7 days a week.
Skidsteer w/ Breaker Attachment
Pneumatic Jackhammers 60 lb & 90 lb                 70 lb Electric Jackhammer        Gas Jackhammer
SDS Max Rotohammer
SDS Rotohammer                                         SDS+ Hammerdrill
Jackhammer bits include Moil, Chisel, Spade, Tamper, Scrabbler,
Rod & Stake  Driver, Ice Chisel, & Adapters
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