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Electronic Tool Rental

U-DO Rental rents out inspection cameras, sewer cameras, electronic, digital pipe locators, pin point metal detector, electromagnetic field radiation tester, pipe locators, metal detectors, gold detectors, gas detectors, auto level, laser level, laser transit, RF sonde, sonde locator and audio spectrum analyzer.

Uses: Trace metal pipes, use the sewer camera to inspect sewer lines and visually diagnose the actual obstruction, diagnose and measure electromagnetic radiation and find it's source, locate and measure radioactivity, find lost jewelry, detect gas leaks and pin point their sources, laser level indoors and outdoors for plumb leveling and slopes, use RF sonde to pin point sewer obstruction, experiencing paranormal activity? Go ghost hunting with our professional ghosting hunting kit!

We sell a wide variety of specialty hard to find connectors, electronic repair parts, electronic solder, de-soldering guns, and soldering irons.
Thermal Analyzer                                      Rigid 512 HZ RF Sondes
Gen-Eye Digital Pipe Locator                                Garrett Pin Point Metal Detector
(used w/ sewer cam sonde & RF sodes)
UV Light                            Thermometer              LCD Multitester           EMF Detector
Geiger Counters                                            Ghost Hunting extensive collection set

Audio Spectrum Analyzer               Gold Detector, Metal Detector & Measurement Wheels
Rigid Gas Leak Detector                        Auto Level        Laser Level           Laser Transit
Electronic Pipe Locator Transmitter & Receiver Set                      Sewer video cam w/ RF locating sonde at camera head
                                                                                             200' cable

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