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Concrete Tool Rental

U-DO Rental rents towable concrete mixer, towable mortart mixer, concrete power buggy, wheel barrow, portable concrete saw, hand held core saw, vacuum base core rig, gas cut off saws, concrete block saws, tile cutters, tile cutters, tile saws, concrete scarifier, Edco concrete grinder, thin set remover, concrete dust extraction vacuums, sofcut concrete saw, concrete floor saw, power trowels, power tampers, backpack vibrator, handheld vibrator, rolling tamper, magnesium floats, and finishing trowels.

Uses: Finish concrete jobs with professional tools, safe and easy jobs are placing concrete in concrete forms, cutting and laying ceramic tile, cutting concrete building blocks and drilling round holes in concrete as well as concrete walls, vibrate air pockets out of wet concrete, grinding grooves into concrete with the concrete scarifier, grind concrete surfaces smooth, and polish concrete surfaces.

We stock and sell an extensive line of Marshalltown concrete hand tools (trowels, tampers, floats, poles, etc.).

We sell wet ready mixed concrete and slurry in our 3 yard delivery truck and 1.5 yard CartAWay concrete trailers

We deliver and pick up for one charge. Open 7 days a week.
Towable Concrete Mixer                          Towable Mortar Mixer                    
Concrete Power Buggy All Wheel Hydraulic Drive
Electric Concrete Saw                                         Gas Powered Concrete Saw
Tile Cutter
Concrete Mixer, Scarifier, Sofcut Saw                                              Concrete Saws              
Concrete Grinders                                             Husqvarna Concrete Vacuum
Power Trowels 36"                           Concrete Screed              Concrete Backpack Vibrator
Concrete Block Saw                               Folding Tile Saw w/ cutting attachments
Stationary Core Rig w/vacuum                                  Hand Held Core Rig       
Concrete Vibrator                                                           Rolling Tamper
Finishing Tools                                                                Concrete Stamps
                                                                                           (release agent available)
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