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Contest Entry

To enter, please fill out form at bottom of page.

To qualify to win a prize for this contest you must be a resident of Tulare county, Fresno County, or Kings county in California.
You may also qualify by having either an instore charge account or a Dinuba Lumber Rewards card.
Employees of Dinuba Lumber and their immediate families are ineligible to win any prize.
One entry per email address. Date of drawing to be before 12-31-11.
All entries must fill in form at bottom of page.
A contest entry confirming email will be sent to you.
To be entered you must click yes on the confirming email.
Check out these lucky winners.
Lourdes Orpilla won a Vizio 60" plasma TV during our rewards program contest in 2008.
Enter our current contest which started 9-11-2011
This is a local contest with two very nice prizes.
Your odds of winning a prize is better than most contests. Better than 1 in 10,000.
Only residents of Kings, Tulare, and Fresno counties will be eligible to win.

You may also qualify by having either an instore charge account or a Dinuba Lumber Rewards card.

Our grand prize is a LG 60PZ550 3D Plasma TV.
If you want to see the 60" 3D TV it is just inside our main entrance waiting for you.
You may click on the link to go to the LG page for more information on the the TV.
Click on link.

Our second prize is an awesome PS3 bundle.
It includes a 320 GB PS3 with Move bundle.

Also included is an extra blue sony dual shock 3 wireless controller, Move controller,
Logitech Driving Force GT, and Gran Tourismo 5 collector's edition.
See picture below.
About our Contest:

Our contest collects your email address so that we can communicate better with you.
We will email you about once a week .
The emails will be informative and pertinent.

I promise not to spam.
I'll email you just pertinent time sensitive information.
I promise not to reveal your email address to any third party.
You can easily opt out of the emails but, that would make you ineligible for our contest.
I wish you good luck.
Brooks Schaffer

Contest Entry Instructions:

1. Fill out the form below.
2. A contest entry confirming email will be sent to you.
3. To be entered in our contest you must click yes on the confirming email.

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click "yes" on the confirming email.
It will send a second email confirming your entry.
When you receive the second email you are entered.
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